• Times of Hire
  • As directed by Wealden District Council planning conditions
  • Weekdays
    9am to 10.30pm
  • Saturdays
    9am to 11pm
  • Sundays and
    Public Holidays

    10am to 9pm

Diplocks Hall

Diplocks Hall - the new community hall for Hailsham

Diplocks Hall has been established to provide local residents with the opportunity to get more out of life. The possible range of activities it can be hired for is as wide as users would like to make them.

These could range from social clubs where you would be able to network with your friends and neighbours or learn to dance the salsa or bake a cake. You can hire it to hold your wedding or birthday celebrations, form a choir or a drama group.

Programmes could be set up to teach new skills - such as operating a computer and using the Internet - in order to improve employment opportunities. You could even set up your own group for which we’ll either give you some help or point you in the right direction. People of all ages would be able to gain benefit.

...the choice is yours!